2012 Walnut Fodera Imperial Demo

2012 Walnut Fodera Imperial Demo



Demo is using slight onboard EQ to taste. Starts with both pickups, dual coil, then single coil, then neck dual/single, bridge dual/single.

“Daughters” is intentionally darker- slightly off center pickup pan towards bridge pickup. This is from a play along recording I was using to practice. There is a solo at 2:51. IMG_0282

December 2014

Fretless demo; Roscoe 5 W Nordstrand Dual Coil Pickups and Pope Pre

Fretless demo – Roscoe w Nordstrand DCs,Pope Pre

The Chicken backing version 2014 pope fretless – 6:14:14, 7.13 PM

June 2014

New Amp

I’m really enjoying my new amp setup. I’ve now got a Tecamp Puma 900 head and the new Bergantino Cn212 cabinet. It’s amazing to be a bassist in the 21st century! The tones are better then ever and it’s my lightest and best looking rig yet.

Both of these products seem to be delivering a more mid present, clearer tone than anything I’ve had before, and they are bleeding loud as well! (900 watts!) I’m really hoping this will help me be heard “in the mix”, particularly in difficult rooms.

Thanks to Glenn at Austin Bass Traders for the Puma and Colorado’s own Dan Basica at Premier Bass guitars for getting me the first CN212 he got in.

I have a Big E 45 cabinet on order from Mike Arnopol as well right now that will be my new acoustic bass cabinet; eager to see if lives up to the hype. Stay tuned.

March 2013

Thinking of buying a bass synth pedal.

Hey gear heads… My G.A.S. is acting up and I’m thinking of buying another pedal. What do you think is a better pedal? Looking for 80’s style vintage synth tones for 6MDB gigs.

Follow up: I ended up with EHX pedal and am thrilled. It’s by far the best synth pedal I’ve checked out and gets me close to some of 80’s sounds I wanted for 6MDB.

December 2012

John Patitucci online school and new Fodera recording

I jumped on the opportunity to study with John Patitucci online this year via artist works. John has been the one bassist and teacher I’ve long thought I would like to study with- in fact, I contemplated moving to NYC to study with him many years ago. This was a no brainer!

It’s really been great, and one feature is some nice play along tracks with Brian Blade and Jon Cowerd that have space for a bass solo. Here’s a recording I did using a tune John wrote called “Daughters”.  Sounds pretty convincing for a play along!

I also wanted to have a quick clip of me playing my new Fodera Imperial MG. I really like how it sits in the mix here. Note there is a bass solo at 2:47.



November 2012

I’ve converted- David Gage Realist to Fishman Full Circle Double Bass pickup

For pizz at least. It sounded awesome on my first gig last night.

Clearer, louder, tighter more defined lows, wow!

I should’ve tried it years ago. A student who has heard me lots came by my gig in a horrible sounding room and said it was the best tone he’d heard from me- he was kind of freaking out, saying it sounded like Gary Peacock or something.

I’m keeping the realist for theater gigs where I need a good bow sound, though- the Fishman is a bit scratchy arco. Having both pickups should really give me some options.

Thanks to the TB crowd who provided me some data on switching, particularly whoever put up the post A/Bing the two pickups.

October 2012

Nick Lloyd Walnut Bass

Here’s some images of my new Nick Lloyd Double bass. It’s a 3/4 walnut flatback model.

The back is highly flamed claro walnut.

Sides also are walnut.

Chromatic C extension.

Notice the hand carving on the scroll, and patina Sloane tuners.

Violin corners and traditional F holes give it a bit of an Italian flavor. I love the quality and color of the finish.

The bass has a focused, projecting tone that is both dark, clear, and rich, and it’s extremely playable with smaller shoulders and a 40.75″ scale. Perfect for jazz and also great arco.

September 2012

New Fodera Imperial 5

Here’s my new Fodera Imperial 5. I feel very fortunate to have a Fodera made for me, it is an amazing fit with my needs.

You can read the specs on Fodera’s website:

The bass has a crotch claro walnut top, Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, ash body, maple neck, and a mahogany tone block. 34″ scale and Duncan dual coils. Note it’s the Matt Garrison Imperial shape, which is smaller than the usual Imperial.

Big thanks to Glenn at Austin Bass Traders for helping me design this beauty, and the amazing people at Fodera. They are truly a special company. Also thanks to many bass artists like Anthony Jackson, Matt Garrison, and Mike Pope who’s input was instrumental in development of this particular bass.

Look for some vids and clips using this amazing bass soon!!!

September 2012

Roscoe Fretless Bass Sample

Sample of my Roscoe Fretless for TB’ers.
M-audio USB interface into Garageband, no effects or EQ apart from onboard Bartolini preamp.

Fretless demo 2

First part- EQ Flat, Bridge PUP

Second part (Blues Walking)- EQ flat, both PUPs

Third “A Remark You Made”- Hi mid boost, treble cut, bridge Pup


And here’s the same bass with Nordstrand Dual Coils installed, roughly same settings and tunes!

Fretless demo- Nordstrands

And here’s a sample with the Nords “In the Mix”. Me on gtr as well. 😉

The Chicken – Fretless Nords



What do you think? Please leave a comment!

February 2012

My Pedal Board setup

I had to configure a new pedal board setup for the Six Million Dollar Band, and here’s what I settled on.

We use in ear monitors and no amps on stage, so it started with my trusty Aguilar Tone Hammer, which I use in almost all situations as a preamp and direct box. The gig required chorus on a few tunes (Don’t Stop Believing), and I just snagged the new MXR Analog chorus pedal, which sounds great. There’s also a few with distortion, and I sprung for a Darkglass  Microtubes B3K, which has an incredible full bottom while delivering as much grind as I could possibly want. I added my old MXR Phase 90 out and completed the setup with my Peterson Strobostomp, which is essential with the dark stages and long sets of continuous tunes.

I there the whole setup on a tiny Pedaltrain micro board, and it’s an easy grab and go instant rig. The cables are connected with George L’s cut to length and powered with a One Spot adaptor. Considering I don’t need an amp, this makes for a simple setup!

January 2012