My Pedal Board setup

I had to configure a new pedal board setup for the Six Million Dollar Band, and here’s what I settled on.

We use in ear monitors and no amps on stage, so it started with my trusty Aguilar Tone Hammer, which I use in almost all situations as a preamp and direct box. The gig required chorus on a few tunes (Don’t Stop Believing), and I just snagged the new MXR Analog chorus pedal, which sounds great. There’s also a few with distortion, and I sprung for a Darkglass  Microtubes B3K, which has an incredible full bottom while delivering as much grind as I could possibly want. I added my old MXR Phase 90 out and completed the setup with my Peterson Strobostomp, which is essential with the dark stages and long sets of continuous tunes.

I there the whole setup on a tiny Pedaltrain micro board, and it’s an easy grab and go instant rig. The cables are connected with George L’s cut to length and powered with a One Spot adaptor. Considering I don’t need an amp, this makes for a simple setup!

January 2012
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