These are some of my current instruments, amplifiers, and accessories.  I’m very pleased with all of them as they all provide top quality, unique tones for varying gigs, and are all incredible works of craftmanship in their own right. Enjoy!



Fodera Imperial 5


Ash body,  crotch Claro Walnut top, maple neck, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, mahogany tone block, walnut veneer. Duncan dual coil pickups with 2010 Mike Pope preamp.













Nick Lloyd 3/4  Double Bass

Walnut sides and Back, Spruce top, 40.75″ string length,

flatback, Lloyd C Extension, Spirocore Strings, Ehrlund and Full Circle Pickups


Callowhill Junk 5

Ash body, Brazilian Rosewood Board, Flame Maple Top

Nordstrand Big Splits Pickups, Mike Pope Flexcore Preamp









Roscoe SKB 3005 Fretless

Spalted elm top, synthetic fingerboard, Bartolini pickups, spanish cedar back, strung with D’addario XL 165’s.

This lined fretless seems to get a lot of remarks for its outstanding tone. It’s really a joy to play!













Hawkes and Son Concert Double Bass

 #3494, c. 1904, labeled Picadilly Circus, London. Wide upper bouts, deep body, round back, golden orange finish, 42” string length, violin corners. Outfitted w/ Thomastik Spirocore Weichs, David Gage Realist Pickup, and a DPA 4099B microphone.

This incredible bass in the classic English style has been mine since 2002. It is currently for sale.



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