“It Could Happen to You”

W/ Jeff Jenkins, piano
Todd Reid, drums
David Arthur, vocals

Live from Dazzle 8/23/2011.
There’s a bass solo at 2:00.


A jazz blues bass solo, live from Dazzle 8/23/2011.

Solo on a ballad. Live from Dazzle 8/23/2011.


An electric bass solo by Robin Ruscio on a Latin jazz performance with Conjunto Colores over Antonio Carlos Jobim’s classic “Triste”.

6 Million Dollar Band Official Concert Reel
80’s covers



Bach Cello Suite No 3, Bourrée I from Robin Ruscio on Vimeo.


Live video with vocalist Barron Steffen and his big band from the 2010 Governor’s Ball in New Mexico.


Sample bass lessons, bass gear reviews, and more gig footage coming soon!


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