Fretless Strings Comparison

Same Fodera Fretless Emperor Bass, same track. Different strings. Which do you prefer?

Fodera Fretless Standard Emperor 5

Fodera Steels:





DR Sunbeams:

April 2015

Presenting at ISB Convention in 2015!

I’m thrilled to have been selected to present and the International Society of Bassists Convention this summer in Ft Collins, CO. I’ll be presenting Friday, June 5 at 10 am.2014924-ISB-Convention-Proposals-2539-137-Photo

This presentation will bring together both of my professional identities as professional bassists and instructor and mental health counselor. The presentation is titled:

Mindfulness and Music: Psychological Techniques to Enhance Practice and Performance

Here’s my synopsis:

“In addition to developing excellent musical skills, great musicians need strong psychological habits to help them maximize their potential, such as concentration, confidence, personal reflectiveness, and high levels of self-discipline. Unfortunately, many developing musicians struggle with shame, low levels of focus, and negative thought patterns that can make music a frustrating and anxiety ridden venture. Even accomplished musicians are vulnerable to destructive internal and external habits that can rob them of the joy and meaningfulness they once experienced in music, leading to depression, anxiety, and burnout. In fact, research and anecdotal evidence suggest that professional musicians are prone to more mental health issues than the general population.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, our psychological and behavioral patterns are not innate, and can be developed through effort and practice, just like musical skills. In this experiential presentation, Robin will introduce several of his favorite mindfulness-based psychotherapy techniques drawn from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), an evidence-based psychological theory that he uses as an instructor, performer, and professional therapist, including working with difficult thoughts, increasing concentration, and increasing emotional and physical tolerance. These techniques will create higher levels of musical skill, prevent burnout, and increase the joy and satisfaction we feel from music.”

I look forward to seeing some of you there and sharing both sides of myself with you!

Presenter Info

You can always learn more about my counseling practice at Mindful Counseling Solutions.

January 2015

2012 Walnut Fodera Imperial Demo

2012 Walnut Fodera Imperial Demo



Demo is using slight onboard EQ to taste. Starts with both pickups, dual coil, then single coil, then neck dual/single, bridge dual/single.

“Daughters” is intentionally darker- slightly off center pickup pan towards bridge pickup. This is from a play along recording I was using to practice. There is a solo at 2:51. IMG_0282

December 2014

Fretless demo; Roscoe 5 W Nordstrand Dual Coil Pickups and Pope Pre

Fretless demo – Roscoe w Nordstrand DCs,Pope Pre

The Chicken backing version 2014 pope fretless – 6:14:14, 7.13 PM

June 2014

Optimize your practice sessions

I’ve always been interested in ways to make practicing more efficient and productive, and this article is a nice example of simple steps you can take to optimize your sessions.



September 2013

Denver bass lessons

I have a new website that focuses more on my teaching. check it out:

May 2013

New Amp

I’m really enjoying my new amp setup. I’ve now got a Tecamp Puma 900 head and the new Bergantino Cn212 cabinet. It’s amazing to be a bassist in the 21st century! The tones are better then ever and it’s my lightest and best looking rig yet.

Both of these products seem to be delivering a more mid present, clearer tone than anything I’ve had before, and they are bleeding loud as well! (900 watts!) I’m really hoping this will help me be heard “in the mix”, particularly in difficult rooms.

Thanks to Glenn at Austin Bass Traders for the Puma and Colorado’s own Dan Basica at Premier Bass guitars for getting me the first CN212 he got in.

I have a Big E 45 cabinet on order from Mike Arnopol as well right now that will be my new acoustic bass cabinet; eager to see if lives up to the hype. Stay tuned.

March 2013

Thinking of buying a bass synth pedal.

Hey gear heads… My G.A.S. is acting up and I’m thinking of buying another pedal. What do you think is a better pedal? Looking for 80’s style vintage synth tones for 6MDB gigs.

Follow up: I ended up with EHX pedal and am thrilled. It’s by far the best synth pedal I’ve checked out and gets me close to some of 80’s sounds I wanted for 6MDB.

December 2012

Gigging with Multiple Bands

I recently received this question from another bassist:
I am a professional bassist based in New Orleans.  I am, for the first time, playing with 3 groups, an original funk band, a blues-band, and a serious cover band.  This is in addition to teaching.  My question to you, if you don’t mind taking time out of your busy schedule, is how you juggle so many band without getting double-bookings?  Do you give certain bands priority?  Do you simply fill you calender until it is full and then nothing more?  Thanks in advance!”
As a freelancer, this is always a tricky subject to maneuver.  In brief, I do prioritize around my main acts and accept work with other groups as as sub to fill in my calendar as needed. I always check with my main acts as far in advance as possible to get our schedule, and I keep multiple subs for those acts as well. Fortunately, everyone I work for is flexible in that if I can’t make a new gig they have booked that they have other bassists or don’t expect me to cancel a previous commitment I might have made. That being said, I want to keep them happy first and foremost and will juggle gig depending on who needs me most and what work for all of us the best! 
December 2012

John Patitucci online school and new Fodera recording

I jumped on the opportunity to study with John Patitucci online this year via artist works. John has been the one bassist and teacher I’ve long thought I would like to study with- in fact, I contemplated moving to NYC to study with him many years ago. This was a no brainer!

It’s really been great, and one feature is some nice play along tracks with Brian Blade and Jon Cowerd that have space for a bass solo. Here’s a recording I did using a tune John wrote called “Daughters”.  Sounds pretty convincing for a play along!

I also wanted to have a quick clip of me playing my new Fodera Imperial MG. I really like how it sits in the mix here. Note there is a bass solo at 2:47.



November 2012