New Amp

I’m really enjoying my new amp setup. I’ve now got a Tecamp Puma 900 head and the new Bergantino Cn212 cabinet. It’s amazing to be a bassist in the 21st century! The tones are better then ever and it’s my lightest and best looking rig yet.

Both of these products seem to be delivering a more mid present, clearer tone than anything I’ve had before, and they are bleeding loud as well! (900 watts!) I’m really hoping this will help me be heard “in the mix”, particularly in difficult rooms.

Thanks to Glenn at Austin Bass Traders for the Puma and Colorado’s own Dan Basica at Premier Bass guitars for getting me the first CN212 he got in.

I have a Big E 45 cabinet on order from Mike Arnopol as well right now that will be my new acoustic bass cabinet; eager to see if lives up to the hype. Stay tuned.

March 2013
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