Presenting at ISB Convention in 2015!

I’m thrilled to have been selected to present and the International Society of Bassists Convention this summer in Ft Collins, CO. I’ll be presenting Friday, June 5 at 10 am.2014924-ISB-Convention-Proposals-2539-137-Photo

This presentation will bring together both of my professional identities as professional bassists and instructor and mental health counselor. The presentation is titled:

Mindfulness and Music: Psychological Techniques to Enhance Practice and Performance

Here’s my synopsis:

“In addition to developing excellent musical skills, great musicians need strong psychological habits to help them maximize their potential, such as concentration, confidence, personal reflectiveness, and high levels of self-discipline. Unfortunately, many developing musicians struggle with shame, low levels of focus, and negative thought patterns that can make music a frustrating and anxiety ridden venture. Even accomplished musicians are vulnerable to destructive internal and external habits that can rob them of the joy and meaningfulness they once experienced in music, leading to depression, anxiety, and burnout. In fact, research and anecdotal evidence suggest that professional musicians are prone to more mental health issues than the general population.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, our psychological and behavioral patterns are not innate, and can be developed through effort and practice, just like musical skills. In this experiential presentation, Robin will introduce several of his favorite mindfulness-based psychotherapy techniques drawn from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), an evidence-based psychological theory that he uses as an instructor, performer, and professional therapist, including working with difficult thoughts, increasing concentration, and increasing emotional and physical tolerance. These techniques will create higher levels of musical skill, prevent burnout, and increase the joy and satisfaction we feel from music.”

I look forward to seeing some of you there and sharing both sides of myself with you!

Presenter Info

You can always learn more about my counseling practice at Mindful Counseling Solutions.

January 2015
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