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For Sale: My Hawkes Double Bass, c. 1904

My Hawkes bass is for sale, please email me if you are interested in seeing it. 6/10/15 It is now for sale in New York City (NYC) at David Gage’s shop!

Double bass labeled Hawkes Concert Model, Picadilly Circus, London. Faded pencil marking seems to indicate 1904 on close inspection. Classic English design and sound.


This bass is in excellent condition for its age. It has minimal cracking and repair work and was recently retouched and inspected by Bob Ross (Ross double bass), and he was impressed by its health. Also recently inspected by Aaron Robertson who also commented again how great of shape it is in– perhaps one of the best Hawkes he’s ever seen. Perfect quarter sawn cuts. Maple sides and back, spruce top. Stored in humidity controlled studio.   The neck was reset by Robertson’s and has an extended overstand to facilitate easier thumb playing (several thousands to have this done). The fingerboard was also excellently planed in 2004 and is buzz free with low action, even while playing pizz. Also has hole drilled in bottom for Laborie endpin.

This bass was purchased from Robertson’s Violins by me in 2002 and was previously owned by a classmate of Aaron Robertson’s at the Curtis institute. It has been used for professional jazz, orchestral playing, and Broadway shows and excellent at all. Large, dark, and resonant tone. Audio clips available if you’re interested.

Includes a custom made $450 Mooradian deluxe gig bag in red which fits it perfectly. Zippers and bag refurbished in 2009 by Mooradian.

  Dimensions taken by Bob Ross: String length 42″ Lower bout: 25.875″ ( 657mm) c bout: 15.5″ (394mm) upper bout 21.75″ (552mm) rib depth till break is pretty much 8.5″ (216mm) then narrowing to 6″ (152mm) at neck From the bottom of the neck block to the the bottom of the saddle is 43.25″ (1099mm) The length of the back from the bottom to the top of the button I have as 44.75″ (1137mm)

August 2011
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18 Responses to For Sale: My Hawkes Double Bass, c. 1904

  1. Gary Palmer says:

    Still have the bass?How much are you asking?Thanks

  2. joel forbes says:

    hi, just curious if it still for sale…and the asking price…thanks

  3. Luis says:


    is the bass still for sale and what size is it and how much are you asking for it?


  4. Matthew says:

    Hi Robin,

    would you mind emailing me the price?

    thanks so much!

  5. Denis Chabot says:

    Have you sold the instrument? If not how much are you asking?

  6. Trujillocopter says:

    Hi! Can you tell me how much I would need to pay for this beauty?

  7. Phil Smith says:

    Is the bass still for sale? Can you give some indication of the price?

  8. Robin says:

    Bass is still for sale. I have emailed price. Please let me know if you’re seriously interested.

    For those looking at this item with some hopes of buying, keep in mind this is an antique, professional grade instrument and not a student or amateur bass (and is priced accordingly!)

  9. Olive says:

    Hi Robin, nice playing. How much is the bass?

  10. Jamie says:

    Hi Robin,

    I am interested in this instrument. Is it still for sale and if so could you please give me an indication of the price.


  11. Diego says:

    Greetings Robin, is the bass still for sale? If so, please email me your asking price and any other photos you might have. Thanks!

  12. Phil Reynolds says:

    Is the Hawkes still for sale? If so how much?

  13. Dan Andrews says:

    Hey just want to know if the bass is still for sale and how much

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