New Fodera Imperial 5

Here’s my new Fodera Imperial 5. I feel very fortunate to have a Fodera made for me, it is an amazing fit with my needs.

You can read the specs on Fodera’s website:

The bass has a crotch claro walnut top, Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, ash body, maple neck, and a mahogany tone block. 34″ scale and Duncan dual coils. Note it’s the Matt Garrison Imperial shape, which is smaller than the usual Imperial.

Big thanks to Glenn at Austin Bass Traders for helping me design this beauty, and the amazing people at Fodera. They are truly a special company. Also thanks to many bass artists like Anthony Jackson, Matt Garrison, and Mike Pope who’s input was instrumental in development of this particular bass.

Look for some vids and clips using this amazing bass soon!!!

September 2012
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