2012 Walnut Fodera Imperial Demo

2012 Walnut Fodera Imperial Demo



Demo is using slight onboard EQ to taste. Starts with both pickups, dual coil, then single coil, then neck dual/single, bridge dual/single.

“Daughters” is intentionally darker- slightly off center pickup pan towards bridge pickup. This is from a play along recording I was using to practice. There is a solo at 2:51. IMG_0282

December 2014

Fretless demo; Roscoe 5 W Nordstrand Dual Coil Pickups and Pope Pre

Fretless demo – Roscoe w Nordstrand DCs,Pope Pre

The Chicken backing version 2014 pope fretless – 6:14:14, 7.13 PM

June 2014

John Patitucci online school and new Fodera recording

I jumped on the opportunity to study with John Patitucci online this year via artist works. John has been the one bassist and teacher I’ve long thought I would like to study with- in fact, I contemplated moving to NYC to study with him many years ago. This was a no brainer!

It’s really been great, and one feature is some nice play along tracks with Brian Blade and Jon Cowerd that have space for a bass solo. Here’s a recording I did using a tune John wrote called “Daughters”.  Sounds pretty convincing for a play along!

I also wanted to have a quick clip of me playing my new Fodera Imperial MG. I really like how it sits in the mix here. Note there is a bass solo at 2:47.



November 2012

Roscoe Fretless Bass Sample

Sample of my Roscoe Fretless for TB’ers.
M-audio USB interface into Garageband, no effects or EQ apart from onboard Bartolini preamp.

Fretless demo 2

First part- EQ Flat, Bridge PUP

Second part (Blues Walking)- EQ flat, both PUPs

Third “A Remark You Made”- Hi mid boost, treble cut, bridge Pup


And here’s the same bass with Nordstrand Dual Coils installed, roughly same settings and tunes!

Fretless demo- Nordstrands

And here’s a sample with the Nords “In the Mix”. Me on gtr as well. 😉

The Chicken – Fretless Nords



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February 2012

Footprints with my Fodera

Here’s the Wayne Shorter classic “Footprints” from a late night recording session. I’m really enjoying my new Fodera and wanted to see how it sat in the mix with a bass line and an overdubbed solo/melody part. I find doing little projects like this helpful in helping me fine tune my tone and approach by listening back.

Fodera Footprints 3

January 2012