John Patitucci online school and new Fodera recording

I jumped on the opportunity to study with John Patitucci online this year via artist works. John has been the one bassist and teacher I’ve long thought I would like to study with- in fact, I contemplated moving to NYC to study with him many years ago. This was a no brainer!


It’s really been great, and one feature is some nice play along tracks with Brian Blade and Jon Cowerd that have space for a bass solo. Here’s a recording I did using a tune John wrote called “Daughters”.  Sounds pretty convincing for a play along!

I also wanted to have a quick clip of me playing my new Fodera Imperial MG. I really like how it sits in the mix here. Note there is a bass solo at 2:47.



November 2012

free video bass lesson 1

Here’s my first free video bass lesson for electric bass guitar. It’s good for beginners or intermediate players looking to improve their basic technical approach to the left hand. I explain my rationale for using three finger double bass technique as well four finger guitar technique depending on the part and area of the neck.

Look for more videos on all kinds of bass related subjects soon!

November 2011
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