Gigging with Multiple Bands

I recently received this question from another bassist:
I am a professional bassist based in New Orleans.  I am, for the first time, playing with 3 groups, an original funk band, a blues-band, and a serious cover band.  This is in addition to teaching.  My question to you, if you don’t mind taking time out of your busy schedule, is how you juggle so many band without getting double-bookings?  Do you give certain bands priority?  Do you simply fill you calender until it is full and then nothing more?  Thanks in advance!”
As a freelancer, this is always a tricky subject to maneuver.  In brief, I do prioritize around my main acts and accept work with other groups as as sub to fill in my calendar as needed. I always check with my main acts as far in advance as possible to get our schedule, and I keep multiple subs for those acts as well. Fortunately, everyone I work for is flexible in that if I can’t make a new gig they have booked that they have other bassists or don’t expect me to cancel a previous commitment I might have made. That being said, I want to keep them happy first and foremost and will juggle gig depending on who needs me most and what work for all of us the best! 
December 2012

6mDB pics

April 2012

Joining The 6 Million Dollar Band- The Ultimate 80’s Experience!

I’ll be joining the The 6 Million Dollar Band for many of their shows next year.

The Six Million Dollar Band (6MDB to their fans) delivers high-energy 80s New Wave music using a combination of new and old technology. Five keyboards complement the guitar, drum and bass rhythm section, producing the classic sounds 80s fans love to hear. Vintage 80s synths deliver album-perfect sound. Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, Simple Minds, Depeche Mode and more are recreated faithfully and performed with the same energy as the original acts.

Watch the 6MDB Promo Video 

We have been rehearsing and I am really enjoying getting to revisit a lot of fantastic new wave and other 80’s dance tunes. (I haven’t had this much time with a pick in years!)

Come by and see one of the many gigs I’ll be playing with them this year:





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